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Legal notice

This site http://www.immo3d.com - henceforth known as "the Site" - has been created by the company - henceforth known as the "Editor" - :

Company name L'Immobilière des Cévennes - SARL Immo3D
Company stucture Sarl
Capital 5 000 €
Head office 28 quai André Chamson 30570 VALLERAUGUE
Company registration number 502 660 038 00014
Phone number
Publishing director BROUZET PRIVAT Guylhène
Professional registration number 1069T08/407G08
Guarantee fund GALIAN - 89, rue la Boétie à PARIS
VAT number
Pro card issued by: Préfecture Gard
Pro card delivery on: 07-03-2011
Médiateur : ANM CONSO 62, rue Tiquetonne 75002 PARIS contact@anm-mediation.com
"(*) This information is not currently available, but please contact us if you wish further information."